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Blogs to Explore


Academy District 20 Educator Blogs

Nancy White – Innovations in Education

Susi Murray-Carrico (Pine Creek) – Digital Teaching and Learning at Pine Creek High School

Phil McIntosh (Challenger)  – Mister McIntosh Says

Toni O. Barton (Woodmen Roberts)  – Technology Ideas for Learning

Colorado Educator Blogs

Ben Wilkoff – Learning is Change

Jessica Raleigh – This is Why I Teach

Ladonna Welch – Mrs. Welch Knows

Michelle Pearson – Two Geeky Teachers

Karl Fisch – The Fischbowl

Michelle Baldwin – Avenue 4 Learning

Bud Hunt – Bud the Teacher

Deanna Duray-  My Embedded Teacher Tech-ness

Jennifer Gray Maze – Miss Gray’s Superb Science Site


“Big Thinker” Bloggers From #EdChat

David Truss: Pair-a-Dimes for your Thoughts

Will Richardson:  http://willrichardson.com/

Jackie Gerstein: User Generated Education

Scott McLeod: Dangerously Irrelevant

Shannon Miller: Library Voice

Shelly Terrell: Teacher Reboot Camp

Pam Moran: A Space for Learning

Steven Anderson Web 2.0 Connected Classroom

Deven Black: Education on the Plate

Diana Laufenberg: Living the Dream

Eric Sheninger : Principal’s Blog

Vicki Davis: Cool Cat Teacher

George Couros: The Principal of Change

Alec Couros: Open Thinking

Steve Dembo: Teach42



Student and Classroom Blogs in D20

Prohibition Acts Project – Sarah & Angela

Mental Health Care Treatments Past to Present – Alyssa

Equality and Inequality of Rights – Then and Now

Matt Stewart Language Arts (EMS 8th grade Language Arts)

Matt Stewart Social Studies (EMS 8th Grade Social Studies)

Mrs. Gallagher’s Reading Lab Blog

Mrs. Gallagher’s Freshman Literature

School in the Woods

Pine Creek Choir

Manning  Humanities  (MRMS 6th grade)

Mrs. Bullock’s Fourth Grade Class

4th Quarter Book Club Blog

Other Classroom Blogs

Leopold Primary School – Australia

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